CFO & Controller Services

CFO & Controller ServicesScale Finance offers veteran Chief Financial Officer or Senior Controller or Accountant support on a part-time, interim, or special project basis (e.g. bankruptcies, restructurings, accounting system integration, sales tax, clean-ups). Our clients benefit from getting exactly the right level of professional experience and impact—when they need it and at just the right weekly time commitment (e.g. couple hours per month to 3 – 5 days per week).

Our CFOs and Controllers work on-site with clients, elbows deep in processes, procedures, systems, and people issues. Not “outsourced”, Scale Finance services are actually “insourced”, reflecting our commitment to work seamlessly within client organizations on a low-cost fractional-use basis. We often leverage our Accounting Managers or Staff Accountants, also embedded part-time within client organizations, to ensure the right accounting work is done by the right skill set at lowest possible cost. Free initial consultations—allow us to provide a confidential, professional perspective on your company’s situation.

Scale Finance Partner Tom Livingston on why you should use part time professionals

Advantages include:

  • Veteran, heavyweight CFO—impact at strategic level
  • Flexible—dial-up or down as needed for maximum leverage
  • Integrated—strong CFO and/or Controller support is often key to success in raising capital or M&A transactions
  • Hands-on, 100% on-site with clients —roll-up sleeves, get-it-done projects.
  • Unparalleled cost-effectiveness—based on shared resource structure and leveraging right level of staff accountant support

Standard CFO/Controller Deliverables

We are trusted partners providing financial leadership and support on-site day-to-day with our clients. The following functions should be occurring at your company now and are the deliverables you can expect from our CFOs and Controllers:

Financial Reporting

  • Accurate and timely monthly financial reporting that is “bank ready”
  • Accurate and timely regulatory reporting
  • Highlighting performance metrics via “dashboards”
  • Managing SEC compliance/reporting requirements.

Planning & Analysis

  • Formal business valuations (and insight into what drives value)
  • Rigorous financial modeling and planning
  • Detailed budgets and forecasts
  • Performance analysis and benchmarking
  • Development of strategic plans with deep understanding of underlying economics.

Finance/Accounting Oversight

  • Cash management, e.g. 13-week forward cash flow forecast
  • Oversight and training of existing and new Company accounting personnel
  • Management of customer credit, payment history, and risk profile
  • Oversight of administrative areas such as purchasing, invoicing, and personnel
  • Re-financings, capital raises, and mergers/acquisitions.

Systems & Processes

  • Implementing stronger internal controls and systems to ensure disciplined monthly closing cycles
  • Transitioning to new accounting software
  • Oversight and management of information systems.

Trusted Financial Advisors

  • Strategic knowledge and insight
  • Compensation planning and management option plans
  • Review of financially important contracts and terms
  • Key senior management team member, yet independent and unbiased
  • Transition planning.

Lenders & Investors

  • Preparing and negotiating loan packages
  • Serving as Company CFO for investor relations, external marketing (e.g. management team on website).

Project Management

  • Conducting financial due diligence around deals
  • Fast clean-up of problem situations.